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Internet Must Be Available And Affordable: Summit

A yearly meeting of expert panelists which hosted by the FCC concentrates on two factors when discussing the future of broadband adoption: affordability and availability. Both were pegged as two vital ingredients where the goal is to increase the penetration and adoption of broadband in the United States. And the way that some ISPS are accomplishing this is surprisingly simple.

One such company resorted to traveling door to door as part of a campaign to get more people using computers. This was in addition to efforts made by internet service providers in Seattle Washington to work with community organizations and libraries, which were places that wouldn’t be reached by traditional marketing. Other strategies discussed at the panel included the educating internet users and asking them what they wanted to learn.


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Give Your Family More Than One Layer Of Online Protection

Perhaps you feel there isn’t much you can do to protect your kids from online dangers. But you already have half the battle won if you’ve educated your kids about those dangers. Many articles are available online that tell all about computer criminals and online predators. Depending on their ages, you can direct your kids to these articles. Or, you can read them together. Either way will help them understand why they need to be careful. Internet service providers may also offer security tools that block questionable sites from children’s eyes. Placing your computer in a common area of your home can help you keep an eye on their activities, as opposed to having computers in their rooms. Also, it’s a good idea to be aware of the warning signs of contact with an online predator, such as withdrawal from family life and reluctance to discuss their online activities.


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Internet Providers, And Keeping Customer Information

Internet service providers are keeping information on all of their users for a period of at least one year now. A requirement to keep records on internet sites visited, searches made and to whom customers talk was much talked about this year with the scandal that erupted regarding the NSA and its collection of information. The government wanted this information in order to more easily prosecute electronic crimes such as child pornography. But opinions remain divided, with some believing that is a good thing, while others saying it’s a violation of an individual’s right to privacy. This camp feels it is wrong to collect data on all users, even those with no criminal past. No matter where you stand on this issue, you may find it eye opening to see that all time spent online leaves footprints. And those footprints do not simply vanish into some vast void in the electronic atmosphere.


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