Blackberry Z10 A Success, At Least With Verizon

April 17

The new Blackberry Z10 is doing incredibly well, if the information being gathered from Verizon is any indication. A recently-conducted analysis of mobile online traffic has shown that Blackberry’s first series of phones with a new operating system actually made up 5.3% of the Blackberry traffic in North America as of the end of last week.

The process of gathering the mobile data proved interesting as well; the operating system and model of phones can be identified, depending on the company. Chitika is one such company. An online advertising network, Chitika can note the identifying information of the phones when web pages are opened that include advertisements hosted by the company. This allowed them to see page views by all Blackberry owners. It is as yet unknown how Blackberry’s Q10 will fare, as no specific release information is available for the United States.


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