Is The Screenless Computer A Future Possibility?

August 20

Today’s digital world sees many options for the computer user. Indeed we can pick and choose from hundreds of screen, keyboard and device sizes. Whether our devices are used for work or pleasure, we can choose one that suits our needs perfectly. But will the future require those devices we know and love to even have a screen, much less a keyboard? Experts are saying that screen-less devices just may be the next big thing. This is largely due to their evolution, say analysts. Future versions may very well discard keyboards and screens which may be considered to be cumbersome by that time.

But just how would one operate a mobile device without a screen? Perhaps via voice control, a feature Google recently revealed for its Chrome product. Its Google Glass product virtually requires voice interaction for even basic operation. While the technology may not be completely developed as yet, the goal is clear: to make voice interactions with devices as seamless for users as current interaction with keyboards and screens. But this will also require our devices to be able to seamlessly interpret the vocal commands we will be giving them.



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