Protect Yourself When Going Online

September 20

Are you worried about your privacy when you are online? There are many who are trying to get your information when you surf, even though you may not know it. Whether or not you want them to have that information is something that you do have control over. The first thing to understand is how companies use the information they get from you.

Before they gather anything, websites must tell you they’re doing it. This is in their privacy policy and will give you an idea of how your information will be used. Something else to watch for is sharing too much personal information on social media sites. It is never a good idea to put personal information like your address and phone number on your Facebook page. Many law enforcement officials will tell you this as well. Such information has at times been used to commit crimes. For example, by posting photos from your vacation while you are still away, you can let crooks know that your home is unattended.



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