The Enhancement Of Business Development Through Online Research

Generation Morgantown is a non-profit project created to assist young professionals and leaders who work or reside in and around Morgantown, West Virginia. Their main goal is to encourage positive business development in the area for those 25-45 years of age by providing opportunities for social interaction and networking.

One of these opportunities is the monthly networking event called “First Friday”, which brings young and seasoned leaders together. This event allows for mentorship relationships to develop, which can greatly increase a young professional’s chance of success in their chosen field.

Generation Morgantown also offers quarterly community service events which help young leaders to see the value of their communities, and gives them ideas about how their communities may be improved. There are also additional activities offered by the organization which are tailored to the interests of those individuals within the age range of the program.

Currently, the Generation Morgantown board consists of 10 members who represent the banking, health care, media and other area industries. The board’s goals include mentorship, networking and retention, and the group has online presences at social networking sites including Facebook and LinkedIn.

Although there are several activities that may be advertised via local publications in the area, an individual keen to network with others in their field can definitely get more done and faster by going online.

As stated before, social networking alone can yield a wide range of opportunities to network. But one can also use the internet to research how other networking groups conduct their events. This can result in the formation of ideas to be presented to Generation Morgantown’s board.

In a world that seems to be moving at light speed, having only dial-up internet can appear to be more a form of torture than anything else. While very useful in its time, dial-up is now considered to be among the extinct species of internet connections.

When trying to conduct research online, an individual with just a dial-up connection can experience all kinds of frustration when trying to view or listen to streaming media. Dial-up can cause choppy video and audio, and much longer wait times to obtain content than other internet types.

Thankfully, there are many options for internet, such as DSL, cable and satellite. And by using an online guide, one can easily see which internet providers are available in their area and choose the option that’s most affordable and reliable for them.


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